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  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
  • Valhall Ulkoteltta
Helsportin isoin tunneliteltta. Toimii erinomaisesti base camp-käytössä, missä halutaan teltta seisomakorkeudella. Teltassa on myös ulostuloaukko kaminan piipulle.
  • Koko pakattuna: 32x52 cm
  • Teltan paino: 10,73 kg sisältäen kiilat
  • Kaarten pituus: 1x580 + 2x540 + 2x470 cm
  • Sisäänkäyntejä: 2
  • Absideita: 1 kpl
  • Paketti ei sisällä sisätelttaa, vaan se on ostettavissa erikseen.
  • Hyvät tuuletukset
  • Sisäteltan materiaali: Helsport Airflow FR
  • Ulkoteltan materiaali: Helsport Rainguard® FR, 3000 mm
  • Pohjakangas: Helsport Rainguard® FR Floor, 5000 mm
  • Kaaret: Yunan Pressfit (48 cm sections)
  • Rep Kit (60 g) contains: fabric, needle, thread, repair sleeve and extra pole segment.
Valmistajan kuvaus:

Vallhall is ideal for large families or as a basecamp tent for larger groups. The tent has an internal height of 180 cm, making it very comfortable inside. It has six entrances - two with mosquito nets - which, together with adjustable vents, ensure a good indoor climate. The doors can be transformed into baldakin-porches, using two 176 cm poles. The fabric has been treated with fire retardant, making it compatible with our Helsport Lavvu Stove, or even a small campfire.

It is possible to purchase one or two inner tents, that can be mounted on each end of the tent. Both inner tents are 265 cm wide, with a sleeping length of 210 cm, and room for 4 persons.


  • High ceiling and loads of space inside
  • Six entries, two with mosquito mesh
  • Attachments for two inner tents
  • Possible to make the doors into a sheltered porch
  • Internal storage pockets
  • The Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system ensure more fresh air, better quality
sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation
  • Patented pole cup and color-coded poles/ pole channels make the tent fast and easy to pitch
  • Unique internal pole channel system that provide better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions
  • Guy line points with integrated elastic webbing to collect and prevent the guy lines from getting entangled
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Valhall Ulkoteltta

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