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  • Rogue VCS
  • Rogue VCS
  • Rogue VCS
  • Rogue VCS
  • Rogue VCS
  • Rogue VCS
Hyvä ensimmäinen kenkä kunnollisella kumilla ja suoralla lestillä.

The Five Ten Rogue is a high performing shoe aimed at those who are newer to the sport. The Rogues have a medium width last and dual velcro straps to ensure a good tight fit, the upper is leather so that they will stretch to become very comfortable once broken in (please bear in mind that leather will stretch quite a lot more than a pair of synthetic shoes). Stealth C4 rubber has been used for all the friction you could ask for and a nice covering over the heels will help you keep then in place when hooking. Also featured on the Rogue is the comfort range slingshot rand for tension and active arch technology for toe power.


  • Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole (2mm)
  • Leather upper – Half-size stretch
  • Double-strand Velcro closure system
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Rogue VCS

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