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  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
  • Atom LT Jacket M's
Pieneen tilaan pakkautuva, kuitutäytteinen takki, joka toimii sekä vaelluksilla taukotakkina että kaupungilla. Varsinkin kiipeilijöiden keskuudessa tämä takki tuntuu löytyvän lähes jokaiselta. Istuvuus on tuttua Arcteryxiä, eli kädet liikkuu ja helma ei nouse.

Our Atom LT and SL products have non-locking zippers by design. One purpose of the non-locking zipper is that it is easier to operate with one hand. This design feature also helps to limit the possibility of damage to the zipper and lightweight face fabric directly adjacent to the zipper.

This trim hybrid jacket is designed as an active-use insulation layer, providing vital core warmth with liberal mobility and breathability. Lightweight and compressible, the Atom LT Jacket features Coreloft™ insulation in the torso and arms. The side panels and underarms feature smooth faced, air permeable fleece stretch for ventilation. A wind and moisture resistant outer shell extends stand-alone usability.


Fact: Every person at Head Office owns at least one Atom LT; most of the women have two. 
The reason: Coreloft™ insulation inside a light taffeta shell. All the comfort of a sleeping bag, but it feels weightless. 


The benefit of taffeta fabrics is their light, airy nature with an ability to turn aside wind. The Atom series have a taffeta outer lining that is treated with DWR (durable water resistant) finish to give them a long-lasting ability to shed moisture. In light precipitation, the Atom LT can be worn as an outer layer.


Mid layers that can function as outer layers have varied degrees of weather shedding capability; they also have varied degrees of moisture management. In addition to being made of breathable Coreloft™ insulation, the Atom LT has smooth faced, air permeable fleece stretch side panels to help regulate temperature during exertion.


Highly compressible, Atom pieces pack down into a tiny parcel of stored warmth. Store the jacket inside its own pocket, or tuck it into a sleeve. A quick shake restores the original loft, time and again.





 315 g / 11.1 oz


 Trim fit, Hip Length

Sizing Chart:

 Men's Top Sizing Chart


 Ski/Snowboard / Ice Climbing / Alpine Climbing / Hiking / Trekking


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Atom LT Jacket M's

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