• AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
  • AR-395a Harness M's
Erittäin kevyet, ympärivuotiseen käyttöön suunnitellut valjaat säädettävillä reisilenkeillä. Arcteryxin valjaiden hienous tulee laminoidusta rakenteessa, jotka kantavat koko matkalta, eikä painepisteitä synny samalla tavalla kuin perinteisissä valjaissa.

Built with ergonomic freedom and longwearing performance for versatility on rock and ice, the AR-395a hits the sweet spot where innovation, comfort and performance converge. Innovative Warp Strength Technology™ combines strength with a design that evenly disperses pressure and provides flexibility for freedom and comfort. Burly™ Double Weave material provides hardwearing performance with four way stretch, and laminated elastic webbing in the adjustable leg loops extends rebound life. Four reversible polyurethane gear loops, rear haul loop, four ice clipper slots provide plenty of rack space.


Warp Strength Technology™ Advantage: WST™ differs from traditional harness construction in that the load is evenly distributed across the entire width of the harness structure rather than loading a single, narrow strip of webbing in the centre or running edge binding, both of which tend to concentrate the pressure of the harness making them less comfortable. Warp Strength Technology™ cradles the body and the load is universally dispersed from edge to edge. This construction method provides a high degree of support and this new generation of harnesses are more comfortable over time and usage than ever before. The waistbelt and leg loops now include thin reinforcements that help keep the load distributed more evenly across their width and the edges have been softened for a smoother transition. All resulting in a WST™ harnesses that are durable, ultra compact, comfortably supple and light weight.



 XS, S, M, L, XL


 395 g / 13.9 oz

Sizing Chart:

 Mens Harness Sizing Chart


 Rock Climbing / Ice Climbing / Alpine Climbing
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AR-395a Harness M's

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